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Kingsgate Primary School
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We love reading!
Reading is at the heart of our school. We want all our children to start secondary school as fluent and confident readers. Right from the start of Reception we teach reading in a systematic and structured way, building up children's phonic knowledge and skills explicitly.
From Year 2 onwards we make sure that children continue to make progress in reading accuracy and fluency. Children read with their teachers in small groups (guided reading) while the rest of the class do reading activities. In other lessons, such as RE and history lessons, children also read a variety of texts.
At Kingsgate, we believe that story time is a golden opportunity to introduce children to rich texts that they might not otherwise choose to read by themselves.
Children listen to a wide range of great texts including: short stories, chapter books of increasing length and challenge, poetry anthologies, picture books and information books.
Every classroom has a well-stocked reading area with lovely books for children to take home and read.

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