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2021-22 Governor attendance record

Kingsgate Primary School governing body
Ian Whittaker - Chair of governors - Co-opted governor
Hello. My name is Ian Whittaker and I have been a governor at Kingsgate Primary School since March 2012. I was elected as Chair of Governors in September 2019. I am an Equity Analyst working in the City and was recently named "Analyst of the Year" by City AM. I bring to the governing body the analytical and financial skills I use in my job looking at companies and how they operate. My background has also helped me review the plans for the school's proposed expansion plans.
One of my roles at Kingsgate Primary School is as the designated governor for Safeguarding. I am also the link governor for the School Improvement Plan.
For me, what is most impressive is how Kingsgate Primary School delivers outstanding results and the dedication of its staff. I enjoy being involved in working with the headteacher and the leadership team to make sure that we continue to develop.
Kingsgate Primary School
Liz Hayward - Headteacher
As the headteacher of Kingsgate Primary School, I am responsible for the day-to-day management, organisation and control of the school, and I work closely with my leadership team to make sure that the school runs smoothly. I also work closely with the governing body who have an important strategic role, looking at the bigger picture and helping make decisions about how the school makes best use of its financial resources.
Our aim always is to make sure that all our pupils achieve high academic standards.
Kingsgate Primary School
Aude-Marie Auphan - Co-opted governor
My name is Aude-Marie Auphan and I have been a co-opted governor at Kingsgate Primary School since May 2016. I am both thrilled and proud to join the school's governing body.
My background is in the performing arts. Following a career as a professional cellist, I now work as manager to artists, developing and managing the careers of international soloists in the field of classical music. Passionate about education, I believe that art subjects help children unlock their potential and develop to the best of their abilities. I aim to bring my insight to the school and to contribute to Kingsgate Primary remaining a school not only of outstanding academic achievement but also one that provides an environment for each child to thrive in.
Kingsgate Primary School
Giuseppe Caggese - Parent governor
My name is Giuseppe Caggese. I have been a parent governor at Kingsgate Primary School since September 2019. I am an enthusiastic member of the governing body.
I have an educational background in computer science. Following early work experiences in education and research, I specialised in design, development and management IT systems supporting the business activities of big corporations. Having moved to the UK in 2015, I joined the charity sector to optimise the systems that staff and volunteers use every day to support people in need in UK and abroad - a complex and rewarding challenge.
I have played an active role in social and cultural associations, persuaded that our lives and neighbourhoods would benefit from ideas and contributions from community members.
I am convinced that education is the primary driver for social and personal development and I am impressed by the achievements of the Kingsgate Primary School and the dedication of its staff.
My aim is to use my diverse background and professional skills to support the school in creating a high achieving and inclusive environment that stimulates learning and creativity and enables our children to flourish.
Kingsgate Primary School
Mike Ford - Staff governor
Hello. My name is Mike Ford and I am a Key Stage 2 class teacher and the Key Stage 2 computing lead at Kingsgate Primary School. I have been a primary school teacher for over 7 years and have worked at schools in Camden, Islington and Hong Kong. I can bring the perspective of the staff to meetings and I can offer my professional experience and knowledge when we discuss and make decisions about how to maintain high standards at Kingsgate.
Kingsgate Primary School
Gideon Gild - Local authority
My name is Gideon Gild and I would like to introduce myself as LA governor. I am the treasurer of the Hampstead and Belsize Labour branch of Hampstead and Kilburn CLP and I also run their CLP 100 Club. I have been working in IT for over 35 years, working in a variety of different sectors including: - Debt Collection, General Finance, Agriculture and Membership Services. I currently work for one of the largest unions in the UK. I also do volunteering work for the (BTA) British Tinnitus Association and also do security work.
Kingsgate Primary School
Paul Manson - Co-opted governor
I would like to introduce myself as a co-opted governor, taking up the position in September 2021. I have over 30 year's experience working with software and data for the financial sector across Europe and the Middle East, which has given me an understanding of the challenges of a multi-cultural environment.
My educational background is Engineering and Computer science, which have been critical to my own personal development and I would like do what I can to give others the opportunities that education can deliver.
I am looking forward to supporting Kingsgate Primary School in the coming years.
Kingsgate Primary School
Dayo Okunlola - Co-opted governor
My name is Dayo Okunlola and I have had the privilege to be a co-opted governor at Kingsgate Primary School since September 2018. I have an extensive educational background spanning 42 years, in the UK and overseas, and am currently Executive Headteacher of the Southover Partnership, a charity providing education and support for young people aged 9 - 19.
In my spare time I am a published writer (fiction and scientific) and have written and directed stage plays performed in the UK and the Caribbean. I have also been a newspaper editor, written for CBBC, and am involved with Mantra Lingua in the production of bilingual books for young learners.
I am passionate about the inclusion of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities and hope to contribute my experience and commitment towards continuing the outstanding outcomes being delivered by Kingsgate Primary School for its pupils.
Kingsgate Primary School
Paul Ratner - Co-opted governor
My name is Paul Ratner and I have been a co-opted governor at Kingsgate Primary School since 2010.
In my capacity as a school governor, I have regularly attended meetings, governor open days and training courses.
I currently run my own private sector company and I believe that, working outside of education, I bring a fresh perspective to the team.
I also feel that, as someone who has been involved in local political campaigns, I have a feel for the wider community's aspirations for schools in the area.
A great primary school education is the first building block in ensuring that children will be both happy and successful in their secondary school and then go on to achieve great things later in life.
I am therefore proud that Kingsgate School is rated Ofsted outstanding and long may the school continue to maintain high academic standards.
Kingsgate Primary School
Ahmed Saad - Parent governor
Hello. I am Ahmed Saad and I have been a governor at Kingsgate Primary School since 2010. I am a parent governor.
My background is education; I have a Master's Degree in general education and I am currently teaching the Arabic language in Camden Supplementary Schools.
The governors work closely with the School Leadership Team and other members of the school community including pupils, parents and staff.
Working with the headteacher and with the leadership team we aim to make sure that all children have the best possible education in a safe and fun environment.
Kingsgate Primary School
Simon Vear - Co-opted governor
I would like to introduce myself as a co-opted governor. I was delighted to take up the position in February 2019. Professionally I am a business consultant who helps organisations in the endless drive to improve quality while reducing cost. I have supported both publicly and privately-owned organisations across the world.
I believe the start someone receives in life is vitally important to the quality of life that they end up having. To that end, as a governor, I hope to bring the insights I have in delivering successfully in financially constrained environments, to supporting the Head, and whole school, in providing the children of Kingsgate a key element to that start in life.
Kingsgate Primary School
Shelley Dunbar - School business manager - Co-opted governor
My name is Shelley Dunbar and I have been the school's business manager since November 2011. I have worked in Camden primary schools since 1998. My background is in banking and I can bring my financial expertise not only to my role in school and also to my role as a co-opted governor where I discuss financial matters with governors and give them the information they need in order to have a strategic overview of the school. I can also bring my knowledge of human resources, health and safety and premises management to the table at governing body meetings.
Kingsgate Primary School

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