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Kingsgate Primary School
Home alone form

Safeguarding children

Parents and carers can request permission for children in Years 5 and 6 to go home alone.

If the school has concerns about a child’s ability to travel safely for any reason permission we may refuse permission.

Parents and carers retain responsibility for children travelling alone. We expect parents and carers to ensure that their child knows the route and abides by the school’s behaviour expectations.

For safety reasons, travel home from school is normally only permitted when there is enough light. For this reason, we may not permit children to travel home alone during winter months.

If a child is ill, we will not allow them to travel home alone. Parents and carers will have to collect their child.

If the school closes early because of bad weather or for other reasons, then the headteacher will consider if it is safe for the child to travel home alone. If she decides that it is not safe, the school will expect parents and carers to collect their child.

We strongly advise children going home alone to have a mobile phone. Children will leave their phone in a box in their classroom during the day.

Parents and carers should ensure that their child knows their own home phone number and address.

There must be a responsible adult at home when the children arrive.

We will respond to you as soon as your form is authorised or unauthorised.

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