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Homa Atib is our Family and Community Co-ordinator.
We build close relationships between home and school because we know that children are happier and learn better if we work well together.

Teachers are busy in the morning but are usually available in the playground after school for a brief chat. If you wish to speak to them for longer, you can make an appointment and they are always pleased to meet with you.

We hold parent/ child/ teacher meetings once or twice a year. The children's main school report is given to parents in February with an update in July.

Autumn Term 2019
Coffee mornings
Parents' activities
Employability skills with English
ESOL for work
Get into learning

2018-19 feedback from parents and carers
November 15th 2018
Helping children build resilience and manage stress
Gill Morris: Senior Health and Wellbeing Adviser
Deborah Kaiser: Health and Wellbeing consultant-mental health

Parent workshop: Helping children build resilience and manage stress

Feedback on the Helping Children to Build Resilience and Manage Stress workshop

Coffee morning 20 September 2018
Topic: Teaching tricky words to children information and advice workshop with Eleni Vasileiadou, Assistant Head

41 parents including 3 fathers have attended the workshop and it was very interactive, lots of questions and answers.

Here is their feedback

"The session went well, it was very useful."

"It was a useful session and it helps me to encourage my children to read. "

"It was very informative; I am pleased I have attended."

"It was the first time I have attended a session. It was good. "

"It was good that I attended today’s session; now I understand how it works and how to use the tricky words cards. "

"Great teacher well-done, clear information and good advice, thank you."

"I have learnt how to help my child with his homework"

"Very good session, Excellent!"

"Helped me to understand the important of reading."

"Very, very informative and useful. "

"I would like to thank the school for organising these sessions."

2017-18 feedback from parents and carers
31 parents including fathers have attended the "FGM" information session with Ubah Egal, Director of Camden Somali Cultural Centre on Thursday 8th March. It was a very interactive session, lots of questions and answers.
Here is their feedback

"The session was very informative, I am pleased I have attended."

"It was the first time I was hearing this. I was shocked. "

"Things are completely different in my country. I don't think it happens there. "

"My child is young but I have to be prepared and know about it."

"I have learnt a lot from the session. I am from the same culture but I didn't know half of what Ubah explained today. Thank you."

"The information should be more for men than women."

"I am glad I have attend the session, I have met other parents and I have learnt something new."

"I would like to thank the school for organising these sessions."

25 mothers and fathers attended the "Redbook advise and information" session on 22nd February with the school nurse.
Here is their feedback.
"The information session was excellent, I have learnt a lot. Thank you."

"It was a good reminder. I was here last time the school nurse run the session. "

"I have learnt how to keep a record of my child’s vaccination and other health related issues."

"Next time I will make sure to take my child’s Redbook with me when I go to my GP."

"I hand my book to the GP after my child’s 11th birthday. I didn’t know we need to keep it. "

"I will definitely check my older children books to see if they are up to date."

"This session gave me the confidence to ask questions when I visit my GP."

"My English is not good and I can’t read the instruction. It is good if someone shows us the pages. "

Coffee morning 18th and 19th January 2018
Head lice information and advice run by Dr Benjamin Langendorf and his team from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
45 mothers and fathers attended the sessions.
Here is their feedback.
"The information session was useful, I have learnt a lot. Thank you."

"Can we (parents) have the copy of the power point please?"

"It was great. I didn't know most of the facts about head lice."

"I didn't know that head lice couldn’t jump, fly, or swim."

"Now I know that most products do not kill the eggs and another treatment is required in 5 to 7 days."

"I was surprised when I heard that head lice do not burrow into the scalp Good to know that head lice cannot infest or be transmitted via your pets, I was blaming my poor dog all the time. "

"I didn't know that clean hair and short hair get head lice."

"I think I learn a lot about Head lice and I'm going to explain it to my friends too."

"Thank you for the free comb you gave us. "

"I think coffee mornings are the best opportunity to meet other parents and find out what the school is doing."

"Thanks for tea, coffee and biscuit Homa. Thank you for your hard work organising parents’ activities and bringing us (parents) together."

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