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Homa Atib
Homa Atib is our Family and Community Co-ordinator.
We build close relationships between home and school because we know that children are happier and learn better if we work well together.

Teachers are busy in the morning but are usually available in the playground after school for a brief chat. If you wish to speak to them for longer, you can make an appointment and they are always pleased to meet with you.

We hold parent/ child/ teacher meetings once or twice a year. The children's main school report is given to parents in February with an update in July.

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Spring term 2017 feedback from parents and carers

Coffee morning 8th February 2017
Understanding your child's school report

42 mothers and fathers attended the session.
Here is their feedback.
"The information session was excellent. Leanne was fantastic, she explained every step of the report with examples and I have learnt a lot. Please thank her for me."

"It was reassuring when Leanne mentioned the team work and how a team of staff write children's report not only the class teacher. My child got a new teacher this term and I was worried how the new teacher knows my child to write the report."

"It was great to have this information session just before the report, excellent!"

"It was too much information to take in, Why the government had to change the old system."

"I have learnt how to read my child's report or ask the class teacher to explain it to me if I don't understand."

"It is good to know that parents are important for the school as much as the school is important to parents. Thank you"

"Thank you for reminding us again and again to attend the session. Lots of parents have attended, so many questions and answers, it was almost an hour session. Maybe next time run it in the Hall."

Thursday 2nd February 2017
Supporting your child with KS2 SATs

Supporting your child with KS2 SATs

Coffee morning 11th January 2017
Games and activities to enjoy with your child at home - Nursery & Rec parents

32 mothers and fathers attended the session.
Here is their feedback.
"The information session was excellent. I have learnt a lot. Thank you."

"I have learnt how to help my child's learning through games and activities without spending too much money."

"It was great. I didn't think you can have so much fun with house hold objects."

"It is good to know what to do with your child at home especially during holidays when the weather is cold. Thank you."

"After today's session I have learnt that I can help my children's learning although I speak very little English. I thought I was useless, can't do anything but this session gave me the confidence to sit with my children and do things together."

"Gill's display reminded me of the traditional games we used to play when I was a child. Thank you "

"I would like to thank the school, especially Homa for organising these sessions and reminding us all the time of the activities happening at school. Thank you"

Coffee morning 4th January 2017
Times Tables

Coffee Morning Presentation: Times tables
45 mothers and fathers attended the session.
Here is their feedback.
"The information session was brilliant. I have learnt a lot. Thank you."

"Can we (parents) have the copy of the power point please?"

"It was great. I didn't know most of the websites."

"It is good to know what the school is teaching in each year group so we can follow it at home."

"Mary's presentation was great. She was talking slowly and explaining everything and every activity, but it was small writing and hard to see it from the back. Maybe we can sit closer next time."

"Thank you for the hand out, I don't have access to a printer and the hand out is great for me to work with my child. Thanks"

Autumn term 2016 feedback from parents and carers

31 Reception parents attended the "Happy Children, Good Learning" session led by Gill Stone on 21st September 2016. It was a very interactive session with lots of questions and answers.

Feedback from parents:
"The session was excellent; I am pleased that we have a child psychotherapist in our school."

"Can you ask Gill to run one or two sessions with more details please?"

"I am glad I have attended the session. I have met other parents and I have learnt something new."

"Children's happiness is always my priority but being a busy mum, sometimes I rush and forget about it. It is good to have a reminder."

"Things are completely different in my country. We don't think of mental health and how it affects a child's learning."

"I will go to the library to see if I can borrow a book about children learning environment. My child is young but I have to be prepared. "

"I have learnt a lot from the session. I didn't know half of what Gill explained today. Thank you."

Feedback from our recent parent's information session.

Maths workshop
"The session was fantastic, thank you."

"Well explained with lots of examples."

"Great resources and nice activities to use during holidays."

"It was reassuring to see that the school is trying their best to help children get ready for SATs."

"Thank you for bringing parents together, I am new and it was a good opportunity for me to meet other parents."
The new English curriculum
"I am a new parent and had no idea how to help my child with writing. Now I got some idea what to do."

"The hand out is great. I will use the story writing ideas from the hand out during the half term with my children to write stories."

"The session was great. I have learnt about how to read and what questions to ask when I read with my child. "
Parents' Safeguarding workshop feedback.
"I am glad I have attended the session. I thought Social Services are here to take our kids away, I didn't know they were helpful at all."

"Things are completely different in my country. Thank you for telling us how the system works here. It was a great session."
"It is good to know what my child is doing at school".
Hand writing information session.
"It was great. I am glad I have attended."

"I am so pleased to hear that the school is still interested in hand writing. Everything is electronic these days."

"After attending the session I have realised that I am doing wrong. I am going to spend some time to practice myself."

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